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The Farm Girl

Picture No 2000 has left Jiri's studio to go to a good home in October 2018. In this count all works from small drawings to large canvases are included.
In this case it was a painting called "Farm Girl", joining the already numerous collection of Sue and Howard in Cheshire.

Medieval Houses

Medieval Houses by Jiri BorskyPrevious milestones were painting No 1900 "Medieval Town", going to the collection of Paul and Debbie, and No 1000 "Hair Wash" in private collection in Glasgow


Hairwash by Jiri BorskyPainting No 1000 "Hair Wash" went to a private collection in Glasgow

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A Selfie of the artist
A selfie of the artist

Jiri Borsky was born near Pilsen, Czech Republic (then Czechoslovakia), in 1945. At the age of 15 he moved with his parents to Prague, where he lived and studied for the next eight formative years.

Among the early, and lasting, influences were the marvellous 14th century Czech Gothic panel paintings he saw at the National Gallery there.

Jiri's first one-man exhibition was held in Malostranska Beseda, Prague, in 1966.

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Malostranská Beseda, Prague

Following the Soviet invasion in 1968, Jiri came to England.

He married Patricia (née Garner) in 1972, and became a British citizen in 1975.

He enrolled to study painting (under principal lecturer Arthur Berry) and graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in 1979. His external assessor was William Gear.

Since then he has painted full time. Initially he supplemented his income with teaching, but has concentrated solely on studio work in recent years.

In his spare time Jiri enjoys organic gardening. Music (mainly jazz, but also folk and classical) is his passion and frequently inspires his work.

Jiri has exhibited widely. Over 2000 of his works are in many collections in Britain, Europe, North America and elsewhere.

In public collections

"…the paintings are rewarding long after one’s first encounter with them, for Jiri Borsky is both a thoughtful artist and a man who takes evident pleasure in the craft of painting."

Christopher Wakeling

"It is the human race, with all its varying facets, humorous or serious, explicit or mysterious, that provides Borsky with his richest subject-matter."

Jonathan M. Woodham

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